Shalom Aleichem: Peace Unto You, Sabbath Messengers

Sparks 1

The sun vanishes
into the dark calm of Shabbat,
now only vestigial blessings remain,
sparks of light
radiating through the sky’s expanse,
dancing like fireflies in
the summer twilight.

Now watch as these luminous messengers
alight on parched and tired soil.
See how the earth drinks in their light
like a wanderer who has discovered
a living spring
in the heart of
barren wilderness.

Soon they will arrive at your door.
Open wide you thirsting soul
and prepare to greet them.

2 Comments on “Shalom Aleichem: Peace Unto You, Sabbath Messengers”

  1. davide ovadia says:

    wonderful poem

  2. Doug says:

    Love these, Rabbi! Can’t wait for the book. HNY to you and yours. Please follow up with me this year as we plan our trip to the Holy Land for June and July. Much love and gratitude, D

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