psalm 2: the laughter and the fury

"Destruction," from "The Course of Empire" by Cole Thomas (1833-36)

“Destruction,” from “The Course of Empire” by Cole Thomas (1836)

how can the powerful amass so much
while so many go hungry?
how long will mighty empires wield their
weapons of death so wantonly
against the captive and the powerless?

listen carefully and you will hear
the sound of heaven spilling forth
its laughter and fury –
laughter over the blindness of nations
who actually believe their riches
will bring them security;
and fury at the arrogance
of governments convinced their power
knows no bounds.

rulers take note:
someday soon you will kneel
before a power far greater
yes even greater than your own.
bow down to it with awe
and serve it with humility
lest you go the way
of all empires before you –
collapsed and broken
beneath the weight of your own
fearful dreams.

One Comment on “psalm 2: the laughter and the fury”

  1. Larry Hamilton says:

    An incredibly powerful and deeply faithful rendering of Psalm 2. Thanks so much! surely, this will be your next book when it is complete.

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