psalm 4: be still and let go


free your mind of illusions –
the idealized vision of
a past that never was
and a future that is not yours
to control.

just be still and let go of
your fears
let them be consumed
offer them up
burn them like a
sacrifice blazing
on an altar.

and when you feel the
warmth of its light
upon your face lay
your body down and
go to sleep
joy in your heart
contentment growing deep
within your soul.

7 Comments on “psalm 4: be still and let go”

  1. Lynn Pollack says:

    Beautiful. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    • Germana says:

      I am so touched by the psalms from Rabbi Brant Rosen. And they connected me with you, Lynn. A double bonus!

  2. Germana says:

    “Be still and let go” is so peaceful that it touches one’s heart. I want to lie down …. and let go. Thank you.

  3. jenniferb says:

    I needed this reflection today. Thank you, Brant.

  4. IWe says:

    I am a silent reader for quite a time. Special thanks for your moving psalm poetry. Keep on the good work.

  5. suzannebhale says:

    Love the fire pic! And the translated psalm verse.
    Thank you.

  6. Giancarlo Ramanzini says:

    word and sounds of songs move me and take me back to the refugees campos where I was so close to suffering people. I see faces and hear voices that never have left me! Thank you for being you, Brant!

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