psalm 5: take me as i am


when the day breaks
i cry to you:
guide me toward the light
lead me toward your goodness
bring me home.

look deep inside me heart please
don’t let my deceit
my penchant for wantonness and cruelty
frighten you away
abide with me
take me as i am
and when i stumble
lay your path before me.
as i make my way help me
to hear your voice beckoning
through the distraction
and the din.

let all who seek you find joy
in their seeking
may those who give their love
rejoice in your love and
find shelter in the shadows
of your grace.

4 Comments on “psalm 5: take me as i am”

  1. Sarah Q. Malone says:

    Rabbi Brant – I would be interested in buying a copy of your whole reinterpreted Book of Psalms when it becomes available. Any plans to publish such a thing?

  2. Marian Blanton says:

    When I read the late hour at which you posted this interpretation of Psalm 5, I wonder when you sleep, Rabbi Rosen.

  3. This one’s really powerful, Brant.

  4. Vicky says:

    “look deep inside me heart please
    don’t let my deceit
    my penchant for wantonness and cruelty
    frighten you away”

    This is really lovely, both as a prayer of contrition and hope and as a reminder of what to look for in other people who haven’t always been kind. A while ago, in England, I met a former prisoner who spent a total of nine years in jail for violent crime (now an artist working with troubled kids and elderly people with dementia). He was describing to me the inability to accept and reciprocate love that had characterised those years – not just its absence, but the feeling that he couldn’t be loved. In between prison terms he lived on the streets, even though he had one or two friends who were willing to let him to stay on their couches for a while, because he felt ashamed of how he looked and smelled and was basically disgusted with himself. This was a man who had made a fat living extorting money from drug addicts who couldn’t pay their dealers. He was cruel to people who were at their most desperate and he was widely feared. All that time he was really looking for something else, although he couldn’t articulate what it was even to himself. Your reworking of the psalm reminded me of him.

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