psalm 6: trembling into dancing


exposed and defenseless like
a punished child i feel
this sorrow down to my
bones won’t you
turn back to me please
find your way back and save me
before this unrelenting
dread swallows me

at night i collapse in exhaustion
yet still i lay wide awake
melting into my bed
my eyes widen open to the dark
my soul diminishing to a
tiny point of light like
the sun flickering on the edge
of a far horizon.

you hear my prayer i know
you can hear me calling
out to you.
won’t you turn
my trembling to dancing
my sadness into promise
and if you cannot hear me then
i all i pray is that this song of sorrow
will somehow lead me back
to the land of the living.

4 Comments on “psalm 6: trembling into dancing”

  1. Each day, I have transcribed these into a journal. These are beautiful and also useful. For years the psalms were a part of my daily life at a Monastery where I worked. I had mixed feelings about them-saw their importance intellectually and was put off a bit personally. These translations/interpretations however speak now and I am very grateful.

    • Therese Carson says:

      I also copy these into a journal, and will place next to each the English translation of the psalm. I am at a Benedictine monastery and will soon take the next step towards my profession as a sister. I see the Psalms as poetry that express the deepest yearnings of the soul, as relevant today as millennia ago. Thank you, Rabbi, for sharing these.

  2. abunaalgodon says:

    I’m particularly grateful for the inclusion of my persistent wondering … is anyone really listening or is this exercise valid/healing just on its own? Maybe just the prayer itself is enough.

    “you hear my prayer I know …”; “…and if you cannot hear me….” One way or the other, either turning trembling to dancing or leading me back to the land of the living, I am restored.

  3. Susie Miller says:

    This is incredible, Brant. These words give me shivers. The last stanza is breathtaking…thank you.

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