psalm 8: this awesome inheritance


from the farthest reach of
the universe to the tiniest
subatomic particle from
heaven’s deepest thunder
and a baby’s first cry
i hear your name.

who am i in the midst of
such inexhaustible majesty?
do i dare imagine
my own modest life could
possibly make a difference
in the face of
your mystery?

i ask further:
how can we begin to
comprehend this inheritance?
you have entrusted to us this
awesome terrifying power:
to create and destroy
to determine the very course
of life and death itself.

help me remember that
the truth that lies
beyond the power:
remind us that every grain of sand
on this vast unending shore
is a universe unto itself;
that every exploding galaxy is
but a flickering light
in your infinite

2 Comments on “psalm 8: this awesome inheritance”

  1. Karen Libman says:

    Hi Brant- Thank you for your daily effort! I am trying to make time to read each one. Would it be possible for you to include the original version, along with your creation? Or maybe a link to the original. I don’t always have my Tanakh handy, or the ability to search the web. Just a thought.

    Hope you are well. Kallah was awesome again this year. It was great to have you back. You were definitely missed last year–although maybe we didn’t know it until you came back. You bring a wonderful energy to our group.

    Warmly, Karen

  2. I love the first stanza, and the last one, too.

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