psalm 17: around every corner


i try to walk in your ways,
even if i sometimes
pay more attention to
the missteps of others
than my own –
even when my pace is
slowed by self-pity and
baseless fear.

when i feel evil encircle me
help me to understand that
it’s really just the shadow
of your wings.
when i sense assailants
laying in wait for me
around every corner,
don’t let me turn back,
just spirit my steps with
confidence around every turn,
lead me straight into
the heart of all
my shadows.

all i ask is
that when day breaks
you will be there to greet me
on the other side,
and that i may finally
find rest
in the soft light
of your gaze.

One Comment on “psalm 17: around every corner”

  1. Marian Blanton says:

    Stanza 2 uses phrase, “laying in wait.” Accepted English grammar requires “lying in wait,” Rabbi Rosen.

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