psalm 18: between the dark and the light


photo credit: View From the Tall Grass blog

i don’t seem to recall my
lowest moment but
i do remember calling out
to you as i sank down
deeper the blackness
tightening around me
i cried out i don’t
remember exactly what
i said but i know now
that i was preparing
to die.

in that millisecond
my soul shook and split
open, light bursting
through the cracks then
somehow you must have reached in
and pulled me through because
i felt my spirit soar upwards,
like a cherub gliding, blazing
forth on the wings
of the wind.

i think of that moment
whenever i see dark
thunderheads gathering in
the distance,
whenever i hear the earth
rumbling slow and deep
beneath my feet,
whenever the skies split
open cracked and shimmering
like sparks spinning out
of smoldering coals.

i feel you in those
exalted instants in the
flash between the dark
and the light, there
deep within the void
i bask in the safety
of your brilliant
shadow and in those
moments i know
i am free.

3 Comments on “psalm 18: between the dark and the light”

  1. suzannebhale says:

    Your translated psalms
    quench thousands of years
    of thirst.

    The images you have chosen
    the way too.

    Might you provide a photo credit?
    Perhaps you took them yourself…

    with many thanks,

  2. Lynn Pollack says:

    Totally amazing!

  3. Vivid and effective imagery. Shalom to you and yours. Beth

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