psalm 24: the earth upon which you stand

photo credit:

photo credit:

consider the earth
and all it contains:
do you think you are
worthy of such a place –
you who are but a stranger
on this land?

let the sand slip
through your fingers;
feel the bone and sinew
of the generations who have
stood in this place
before you:
do you really think it
could ever be yours
to possess?

now consider the world upon
which you make your home:
this tiny speck of space dust
spinning, hurtling across
the cosmos and ask
yourself: are you
truly worthy to stand upon
such sacred ground?

One Comment on “psalm 24: the earth upon which you stand”

  1. Lori says:

    Tonight I saw a moment of The Twilight Zone, so these words and this graphic strike the same chord in me: a combination of existential perspective held alongside the belief that there is still meaning in all of this, if we are worthy of finding it.

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