psalm 30: the way of response


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when i cried out
in the night
your response was silence.
i strained to hear your
voice until i realized
your answer was
stillness itself.

then you found me and
you guided me through
the darkness, quietly
wiping away my tears so
i could greet the morning
light with openness
and joy.

when i sought your voice
you answered me
with your presence,
reborn anew,
flowing toward me, through me,
like ripples breezing
across the surface of
the deep.

show me your way,
the way of response.
teach me how to let go
of empty words, so that i
may answer others with
the gift of my very being.

let me be a vessel for
your compassion, let your
presence flow through me,
that those who mourn may
find their way to you, their
brokenness healed, their
cries of pain transformed
into exquisite hymns
of praise.

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