psalm 32: this terrible pilgrimage


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staggering, tripping along
the road in dark silence,
i hide my shame deep
down inside, safe inside
in which no one
has access but
you and me.

though my guilt presses me
down, still i walk on,
holding on for dear life,
fearful of what i might
possibly feel if i ever
let go of the pain.

one day this terrible
pilgrimage will come
to an end. one day
i will unburden myself of
this sorrow and
begin the road home.

and i will finally see
how the way back
has ever been before me,
illuminated by the light
that shines through the cracks
of my broken soul.

One Comment on “psalm 32: this terrible pilgrimage”

  1. Germana says:

    Psalm 32
    Thank you for the encouraging words. I will keep on hanging on for dear life.

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