psalm 36: nothing to fear

i hear your voice at
night whispering in my ear
as you fold me into
your dark soft shadow, it’s
telling me not to fear,
don’t you know there
really is nothing
to fear.

still when i awaken in the
morning i cannot shake
the dread, emerging
from the comfort of your
darkness i squint into
the sun, i struggle to
rise still seduced by
your voice but gripped by
my desire to project my
own shadow onto

help me to face my fear
of each new morning,
open my eyes to the
rich feast you spread
before me every new
day, coax me into
your light for only
then will i truly
find my own.

3 Comments on “psalm 36: nothing to fear”

  1. Carole says:

    Thanks, Brant. Perfect thoughts for a rainy moving day, when everything is being put in storage and the future is yet unknown.

  2. Ruth Rosen says:

    Always amazing and so poetic. Thank you.

  3. Laurie says:

    Another one that goes right to my core.

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