psalm 38: it’s you that i blame

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when my pain becomes
more than i can bear, when
the torment cuts to my
very bones, i’m sorry but
it’s you that i blame.
when a soul feels punished,
it’s natural to seek
out a punisher;
i’m afraid you’ll
have to do.

although i don’t
know the true source of
my pain, you know me so well:
my thoughts, my hopes, my
shame, so i figure you
must be implicated

just don’t let my
anger drive you away,
please won’t you stay
with me through
this fearful night?
if i promise not to let
my bitterness overtake
me will you try to see
how the arms that seem
to being lashing
out at you are really
just reaching out
to feel your
loving embrace?

One Comment on “psalm 38: it’s you that i blame”

  1. Catherine says:

    Thank you. You cut straight into my heart with that poem. It is like you knew exactly what is happening in my life, this instant. Thank you for giving voice to universal afflictions.

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