psalm 42: strange waters

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amazing how empty a heart
can feel even as it pours
forth its pain; water
flowing endlessly from the
heart of a hollow spring.

i’ll admit there are times
when i give in and allow my
tears to become my sustenance.
don’t worry though, even my
own bitterness becomes
too much for me eventually,
besides, i know full well
how easily a soul can drown
in these strange waters.

somehow, even as the torrent
rushes over my head, i still
cling to my rock, my strong place,
and in those moments i know
that you are are drinking
deeply from my sorrow
and that what seems like
a cry of despair is really
a song of praise
to you.

One Comment on “psalm 42: strange waters”

  1. larrygoldb says:

    thank you for these poems, brant. you have led me to read the original psalms as i read your rendition. i have found the following site valuable and others might as well:

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