psalm 45: learning to let go

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listen to me very carefully:
it’s time to pack up and
take your leave;
forget your people, your
family, let go of everything
to which you’ve ever
been attached.

can’t you see you’ve been endowed
with every blessing you will ever need,
just let your own beauty illumine
the way and you will know where
it is you must go.

i can’t say much more than this, though
my heart is bursting with word upon
glorious word, i can’t say i know
where your path will lead you or even
if you will ever arrive at
your desired destination.

if you really want to know
the truth, i haven’t even packed
my own bags yet either, yes, every day
i’m learning how to let go
just like you.

5 Comments on “psalm 45: learning to let go”

  1. I am not trying to be sarcastic, original poster, but what exactly do you mean by your poem/prose? What message are you trying to convey?

  2. This comes at a most extraordinary time when I think I am exactly in this process. I have packed my bags, left my family, and am somehow doing some human rights, community development work in a rural area of Central America. It was a huge step give all my worries to God. And it continues to be as I am sure it will continue for the rest of my life. Thanks

  3. Just an afterthought: perhaps letting go can be spiritual/mental as well as, or instead of, physical.

  4. gwpj says:

    Beautiful! I am reminded of Hafiz.

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