psalm 50: bad religion

concept _114_
don’t ply me with tribute
any more, i just can’t bear
the angst, i’ve had it with
the dutiful offerings that
barely scratch the surface
of your yearning, the desperation
masquerading as devotion.

and while we’re at it, let’s
put an end to the hypocrisy, the
brazen dishonesty barely masked by
false piety, do you think i can’t
tell bad religion when
i see it?

if you really want to please me,
then stop thinking about me
so much. just empty your soul
of endless desire and
fill it back up with
simple gratitude, now
there’s an altar
for you.

2 Comments on “psalm 50: bad religion”

  1. Reminds me of the haftarah from Isaiah which we read on Shabbat Hazon. Tough stuff.

    Good stuff, though.

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