psalm 52: a most bountiful harvest

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you’re so quick to boast
of your unwavering faith, to
judge those with whom you
do not agree, to seek
refuge inside a piety
built of hard fought
confidence and

believe me, i know better
than to scale the walls
of such a fortress,
i’m just not tempted
by a faith constructed
battlements and barricades.

i’d rather plant mine deep
down in the dark and fertile
ground in a place i don’t
fully know, to sow my seeds
where they might take root
and grow freely, isn’t that
the likeliest place of a
most bountiful

One Comment on “psalm 52: a most bountiful harvest”

  1. abunaalgodon says:

    i think it might be ‘arrogance’ instead of ‘confidence’ in line 7. (“so when did i ask for literary criticism?”, you ask) but i really like being planted ‘deep down in the dark and fertile ground’ and giving up scaling the fortress walls of those whose faith consists of battlements and barricades. (but then i have to examine what little battlements and barricades i have constructed as well – ah, there’s no escape)

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