psalm 54: before night inevitably falls

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by night we lay awake praying
to you: rescue us, destroy our
adversaries, make them for
their evil designs.

when morning breaks, all i pray
is for you to deliver us from
this crippling dread, to unveil
the illusions that give birth
our unease, to keep us
from the self-fulfillment of
our basest fears.

only then will we be able
to offer most sacred of offerings:
freewill sacrifices of our purest,
most unblemished selves,
sent up with hearts unclenched,
arms thrown wide open
to the heavens
before night inevitably
falls once more.

2 Comments on “psalm 54: before night inevitably falls”

  1. gwpj says:

    This is so beautifully and profoundly said, Rabbi Rosen, with none of the residue of resentment that I read in the psalm itself. Very refreshing.

  2. abunaalgodon says:

    ‘hearts unclenched, arms thrown wide….’ experienced momentarily when ‘the illusions that give birth our unease’ ….are unveiled and released. takes daily practice, but in the end is gift.

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