psalm 55: back into the storm

when i contemplate the impunity of
the privileged, those who use their
power to endlessly exploit,
i so often become paralyzed by
my own despair, harassed by doubts
that liberation might ever be possible
in a world so thoroughly unjust.

in such moments i confess i’m tempted
to fly off like a bird driven deep
into the wilderness, where i might
find refuge in the shadow of
my own wings while outside the
tempest endlessly rages on and on.

but in the end i know that despair
is a luxury i cannot afford,
i know i cannot hide
from you for long.

i know soon enough i will hear you
calling my name to soothe my
raging soul, to coax me out and
draw me back into the storm where
your unfolding liberation is surging
upward like a thunderhead that soon,
so very soon will explode and
shower down upon us all.

One Comment on “psalm 55: back into the storm”

  1. abunaalgodon says:

    i just wish it weren’t so apparent how securely lodged i am among those privileged (against whom i righteously rage) … or how fully i benefit from the power that exploits in my name. and i wish I was not so ready to hide within religious ritual or so resistant to your coaxing or so hesitant to welcome your unfolding liberation that will surely reapportion to others some of what is now mine.

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