psalm 56: trust unfurled

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i trust in you when i’m afraid.

i know, i know, but that’s the thing
about trust: by day it lies hidden away
under hard layers of fear and suspicion;
i only take it out when night falls,
sort of my weapon of final resort.

one day soon, though, i’m going to
break that shell wide open, now
won’t that be something to see:
trust unfurled like tears
long suppressed, bursting out
in every conceivable direction,
i can almost see it now:

i’m doing my best not to stumble
as i learn how to walk with
spirit unburdened, you’re
doing your best to guide me along
but all i want to do is run
on ahead in the dew-soaked
morning light.

One Comment on “psalm 56: trust unfurled”

  1. abunaalgodon says:

    well, i’m envious. it’s when night falls – particularly at 3 am – that the trust goes thin on me. not that it’s all that robust during daylight hours, but when i wake in the morning some combination of well-honed defenses and time spent with an icon of jesus entering jerusalem on that ass is good for most of the day. it’s the artist-rendered expression on his face that reassures. he knows well enough what the romans have in store for him and, with some uncanny calm, he faces into it. he embodies the kind of trust you and the psalmist sing about.

    i particularly like the line – ‘i’m doing my best not to stumble as i learn how to walk with spirit unburdened….’ me too. but stumbling’s okay.

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