psalm 58: untamed soul

so easy to judge, so easy
to divide the world into
neat little camps of good and evil,
without weighing out the consequences
of our own thoughts and deeds.

so easy to see the wicked around
every corner, living only to conspire
against us, so we may feel justified
in indulging our fear and our
lust for violence.

so if i’m going to pray for strength,
let it be the strength to shatter
my merciless prejudice, to melt away
the judgements that only absolve
me from searching my own heart
with ruthless, brutal honesty.

don’t let me aim my arrows at
some unseen unknown other;
i’d much rather close my eyes
and fire them off into the
raw and burning whirlwind, so that
they may explode at the heart
of my wild and untamed soul.

2 Comments on “psalm 58: untamed soul”

  1. Your words here lift my soul, Rabbi Brant.

  2. Wonderful and timely. Universally applicable.

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