psalm 68: hearts and guts

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sing your praises to the one
who stands by the orphan and the widow,
who champions the cause of
the imprisoned and the refugee
and demands that we do the same.

sing out wherever the powerful plot
their conquest, let your notes soar,
like doves impossibly sheathed in
silver and gold, sparks setting darkness
ablaze, clouds writhing in
victorious dance
above jagged mountain peaks.

blessed are the ones
who sing this song unafraid, this
glorious hymn roaring from
the hearts and guts of those who
recognize oppression when they see it
and are prepared to call it by its name.

and blessed are the ones
who step forward undaunted,
to smash the idols of fear and
misgiving so that the true source
of our power might somehow
burst free at last.

3 Comments on “psalm 68: hearts and guts”

  1. Lisa Kosowski says:

    Beautiful. I love it. And very timely:-)

  2. gwpj says:

    Beautiful, powerful, and like Lisa Kosowski said, very timely.

  3. […] This week, Tikkunista is all about balance. OK, balance, and Syria. OK, balance and Syria and other stuff that didn’t fit in those two categories. As this is New Year in the Jewish Calendar, (l’shana tova, (for a good year) to you all), the first link is to the ongoing project of Rabbi Brandt Rosen to translate all the psalms into modern English, a translation that reaches into the ideas as much as the language. Here’s his opening to Psalm 68: […]

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