Joseph Prepares for Descent

and jacob said go see
to the peace of
your brothers take off your
coat peel off your
outer skin fling yourself down
the rabbit hole down
straight down into the
narrowest of narrow places
where your prison awaits and
you won’t be free until
they carry out your barest
bones will you do this for us
and joseph said

(Genesis 37:13-14)

2 thoughts on “Joseph Prepares for Descent

  1. You are really tapping into something powerful with these poems. I hope you will continue writing them — I look forward to them week by week. I’m going to share this one with my kahal tomorrow morning, along with my own.

    I love that you are playing with the “peace of / your brothers” — that phrasing in the Hebrew struck me, too.

  2. Thanks Rachel, that really means a lot to me, coming from such a seasoned and acclaimed Jewish poet as you!

    I’m not sure where the poetry-writing sprung from, but I’m feeling compelled to interpret the weekly parshiot with free verse these days. We’ll see how long I can keep it going – for now I’m enjoying it (and the encouragement definitely helps…) 🙂

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