Jacob’s Journey Complete

Auguste Rodin, photograph by Dornac

now israel’s eyes were dim with age he said
i can see the one in whose
steps my father walked even when they led straight
into the fire i see the one who answered
my mother but could not relieve her
pain i can see so plainly my own reflection masked
and unmasked deceiver and deceived ascending
descending wrestling embracing fleeing
returning yes i see quite clearly these scarred and
withered hands are the hands of jacob but the face is
the face of god when he was ready to stop
struggling jacob drew his feet into the bed
breathed his last breath
and finally returned

(Genesis 48:10, 49:33)

2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Journey Complete

  1. This poetic rendering makes me reflect on the humbling experience of being with my father at the time of his death. And the Shekinah was there (remind me to tell you about the hospice nurse and her angel tuning forks…) No matter how great, we all draw up our legs and expire.

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