i slightly rearrange the laws of exodus

when my angel goes before you and brings you to the
amorites the hittites the canaanites the hivites the
jebusites i will not drive them out before you lest
the land become desolate do not annihilate them
nor tear them down nor smash their pillars for
if you mistreat them i will heed their outcry as
soon as they cry out to me and my anger
shall blaze forth
against you

works for me

(Exodus 22:20-23, 23:23-24)

2 thoughts on “i slightly rearrange the laws of exodus

  1. “Tearing down their pillars” refers to ridding the country their avodah zara (idol worship) which frequently involved cult prostitution, human sacrifices and all sorts of other abominations. Do you have a problem ridding the land of that kind of stuff, or is it considered “multiculturalism” to allow these sorts of things?

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