deeper than skin

if your affliction has gone deeper than
the surface of your skin if it has entered into
your bloodstream if it has broken through the
floodgates guarding the shadows of
your innermost self infecting your
being with the rawest truth of your life
and death you must venture beyond the limits
of your encampment to the outskirts of the
examine yourself thoroughly note every mark
every blemish every dead patch of skin every
microscopic pathogen that feeds
off your dissolution
when this checkup is complete you
will be ready to return to the
land of the

(Leviticus 13:1-23)

4 Comments on “deeper than skin”

  1. Wow, thanks Brant. on many many many levels, not much is only skin deep

  2. larry rosen says:

    A moving poetic commentary on a biblical affliction noted in this week’s parsha.

  3. Ann-Louise Haak says:

    What a beautiful, painful truth you’ve named here, Brant! Perhaps there is also a message here for my Methodist brothers & sisters gathering in Tampa this week. They may be ready to return to the land of the living when it comes to their investment practices, but still are in need of deep healing when it comes to honoring the full humanity – and call to religious service – of all…

  4. Marge Frank says:

    Brant, this is very powerful, yet disturbing, and it really hit me hard.

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