The Varieties of Atheist Experience

If you’re inclined in the non-theist direction, you might be surprised to learn that there are at least as many varieties of atheism as there are forms of religious belief. Check out this really fascinating piece, “Seven Types of Non-Believers” by psychologist and religious journalist Valerie Tarico.

My favorite passage:

Some atheists think of agnostic as a weenie term, because it gets used by people who lack a god-concept but don’t want to offend family members or colleagues … But in reality, the term agnostic represents a range of intellectual positions that have important substance in their own right and can be independent of atheism.

1 thought on “The Varieties of Atheist Experience

  1. Glad to have this to show to my RK son, who recently declared himself a pastafarian, AKA believer in the spaghetti god

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