A Song of Ascents for Rosh Hashanah

My new take on Psalm 126 – it feels just right for Rosh Hashanah.

Shanah Tovah U’Metukah – May you and may we all be blessed with a sweet and renewing New Year!

Psalm 126
My song of assent
I will return from this exile
wake up
from this bad dream
my crazy laughter’s busting out
I’m learning to sing
all over and over and over
only now do I know
you were there all along
coaxing me along to this
place of my return oh yes
you’ll bring me home
like water
roaring down dry river beds
I’ll be coming home
those who sowed with tears
will reap with joy
those who bury their pain deep
will soon gather
their bountiful harvest

2 thoughts on “A Song of Ascents for Rosh Hashanah

  1. Beautiful poem Brant…writing you from Beit Sahour. I spent the day in Hebron but was unable to pray at Abraham’s tomb due to Rosh Hashannah…you might think it would be possible on such a day, and I had hoped to enter, but the place is closed to all but Jews and I was with
    an interfaith group. So we walked the hills and alas, settler boys threw stones at us. My friend Hisham Sharabati remarked that Abraham actually paid money for the land he took from the locals, working out an agreement, paying a good price. Around here settlers simply take what they want. Ah for the spirit of Avraham Avinu. To think that our holy days are a curse to the indigenous people of this land is so painful and tragic. I encountered a lot of pain on this trip and I truly pray that a good year will be had by all the children of Abraham. May we find a way.

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