Avram and Sarai Take Their Leave

you must
go leave your
native land leave behind all
you know all you
have all you
love shatter everything your
father holds sacred your mother’s desperate
hopes and dreams crazy shards
flying up pinwheeling like sparks spinning
off a sacrificial
fire go beyond leap into the
dark to a place you do
not know and maybe never will
offer up your trust like
a writhing bleating newborn
lamb on the altar yes go and seek
your blessing find your place among the families
of the earth you really think you’re so
different what makes you so

(Genesis 12:1-3)

2 thoughts on “Avram and Sarai Take Their Leave

  1. Lech Lecha was very powerful Brant, but the poetic interpretation you offered for Psalm 23 brought me to tears. Really awesome, thank you so much for such moving renderings of our parshot. Vickie

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