We Are Climbing Jacob’s Vortex

jacob came upon a certain place and
stopped there for the night for
the sun was setting he took a
stone placed it against
his head and lay down in
his dream he saw a ladder set
on the earth its top reached the heavens
angels going up and down according to
freud don’t call it jacob’s ladder he’d probably call
it jacobs phallus after all he’s reckoning with his childhood
passion to please his mother just look where
that got him and according to jung the
ladder is the axis of communication between jacob’s ego
and self in other words he’s building a stairway
from lower to higher realms of
consciousness the hindus might say
the stone on jacob’s head opened his anja
chakra did you know that spiritual
energy from external environments enter your
body through this gateway and did you also
know that this spot corresponds to
the pineal gland which descartes believed
was the seat of the soul and the
point of connection between body and
the intellect or maybe this certain place was a
vortex and when his head rested upon
it earth energy spiraled up whirling
toward the open heavens then came roaring
back down whispering i am
with you i will protect you wherever you
go i promise

(Genesis 28:11-15)

5 thoughts on “We Are Climbing Jacob’s Vortex

  1. Somewhere between knowing and not-knowing, wrestling and being passive, is a place to rest
    our heads to wake ourselves up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this so beautifully.

  2. This free association of Jacob’s dream swirls like the vortex in the image, drawing the reader in tighter and tighter, as we become part of the dream through many traditions…then thankfully we’re gently placed down on earth in the last line with God’s promise…how comforting that feels each time I re-read this. Thanks Brant! Sallie

  3. Hi,
    What do you think it means when you have a so called Jacob’s ladder in the palm? In chiromancy it’s supposed to mean something but I don’t really know what…

  4. I travelled in that vortex in a astral projection (out of body experience).

    Today there’s tzadikim that open vortex for good reasons, other persons for bad.
    Baruch Hashem, G-od keep his nation.

    Astral projection is a fact, check http://obe4u.com you will find a lot of free tutorials, but is important to say Tehilim 91 to clean the room, pray to Hashem as Itbodedut, be a etic person,
    know that there’s just Hashem and nothing is out of his mind.

    There’s a lot of Kosher Meditation, tibetan meditation have no avoda zara at all.
    Buddistic meditation is not avoda zara because Buda was just one person that learn by himself, not a god, he use the nitztotz (spark) of soul, that is betzelem Elokim, buda is not avoda zara., also don’t mistake, not all oriental is kosher.

    Mikva is needed too, or take a good shower,around 10 minutes, specially in the head and back.

    Meditation cleans the mind, check the Jewish meditation of Rab Aryeh Kaplan z”l
    In that way, you can go out from the body and learn in ieshivo shel mala., as Arizal does.

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