Psalm 126: Our Souls Ascend

Painting by Lucas van Valckenborch (1595)

Painting by Lucas van Valckenborch (1595)

(I’ve I tweaked Psalm 126!)

In our dream of return our
souls ascend crossing
over to the place of promise along
the way we sing, we laugh, we praise
source of our liberation then
then waking we cry
bring us back just as you
send water to parched desert river beds
let those who sow with tears reap
with song.
Though we plant these seeds in sorrow,
we know someday this dry hard ground
will blossom forth, yes
very soon we will reap a
bountiful harvest.

Joseph’s Final Dream

he looked down at his kneeling brothers
peeled off his robe of fine egyptian linen
to reveal his bloodsoaked coat and said
i am your brother Joseph
the one who has dreamed
who has waited so long for this moment
the one for whom you never had one kind word
the one whom you cast into an empty lifeless pit
the one whom you sold to traders like so much dead meat
the one who was taken down to egypt in chains
while you sang so sweetly to our father
your son was surely gutted by a wild beast oh
yes i am the one who slept for years
in that stinking dungeon floor with nothing
but these dreams of vengeance to keep me alive
and now you come to grovel here before me
pleading for my food for my pity my compassion
after joseph seized the child Benjamin and
had him impaled outside the city gates
his servants woke him and said if you please master
there are eleven israelites asking for you
and they claim to be your brothers.

(Genesis 45:4)

We Are Climbing Jacob’s Vortex

jacob came upon a certain place and
stopped there for the night for
the sun was setting he took a
stone placed it against
his head and lay down in
his dream he saw a ladder set
on the earth its top reached the heavens
angels going up and down according to
freud don’t call it jacob’s ladder he’d probably call
it jacobs phallus after all he’s reckoning with his childhood
passion to please his mother just look where
that got him and according to jung the
ladder is the axis of communication between jacob’s ego
and self in other words he’s building a stairway
from lower to higher realms of
consciousness the hindus might say
the stone on jacob’s head opened his anja
chakra did you know that spiritual
energy from external environments enter your
body through this gateway and did you also
know that this spot corresponds to
the pineal gland which descartes believed
was the seat of the soul and the
point of connection between body and
the intellect or maybe this certain place was a
vortex and when his head rested upon
it earth energy spiraled up whirling
toward the open heavens then came roaring
back down whispering i am
with you i will protect you wherever you
go i promise

(Genesis 28:11-15)