Joseph’s Final Dream

he looks down at his kneeling brothers peels
off his robe of fine egyptian linen reveals his tattered
bloodsoaked coat and says i am your brother joseph the
one who has dreamed who has waited so long for this moment the
one for whom you never had one kind word the one
whom you cast into an empty lifeless pit the
one whom you sold to traders like so much dead
meat the one who was taken down to egypt in chains while
you sang so sweetly to our father your son was surely
gutted by a wild beast oh
yes i am the one who slept for years on that
stinking dungeon floor with nothing but these dreams
of vengeance to keep me alive and now you grovel
here before me asking for my food for my pity for my
compassion then joseph seized the child benjamin and
had him impaled outside the city gates his servants
woke him and said if you please master there are eleven
israelites asking for you and they claim to be
your brothers

(Genesis 45:4)

2 thoughts on “Joseph’s Final Dream

  1. Wham….that took my breath away…..your verse flowed like Montana white water in spring….pulling me with it….fearing that all I read was as I read…..then that last line.

    I’ve loved this journey! Keep the stories coming in 2012.

  2. Wow. This is midrash in poetry and it tells the truth about human nature, and what is felt vs what is done in practice. I like the voice of Rabbi Brant the poet, and the engaging syntax, and of course the retelling of old stories that never get old. If you can do this with Leviticus….

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