Jethro’s Forgotten Offering

when jethro high priest of midian heard
all that had happened in egypt he
kissed moses and bowing low he
said blessed be the god who
hears the cries of the oppressed who
liberates the captive the god who showed
such kindnesses to your people will surely
show them to mine as well
as moses ate of jethro’s offering at the
foot of the mountain he did not yet hear the
voice just a plaintive whisper you
must wreak vengeance upon the midianites
tell the israelites to take to the field and
slay every last male how could he possibly know that
the high priest’s sacrifice to his son in law’s
god would eventually be forgotten
like trails of smoke
long vanished
from sinai

(Exodus 18:1, 8-12, Numbers 31:1-7)

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