burn it up

you shall lay your hands upon the
offering at the entrance of the tent do not
hold back you must only slaughter your best
dash your blood on the sides of the altar then
present the choice parts of your well-being
place them upon the wood let it burn until the
smoke fills the emptiness inside you like sweet
sweet rain soaking the dry dead earth this is how
you offer the sacrifice
of your wholeness

(Leviticus 3:2-11)

3 thoughts on “burn it up

  1. This pulls insight from a fearsome verse that I would otherwise not want to access. “The sacrifice / of wholeness” remains, though, fearsomely ambiguous (or do I misunderstand?). I’ll be thinking about this one for a while. As with your last, about Moses and the golden calf, the poetry raises more questions than it answers. Thank you for the questions.

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