All are Welcome Here

Occupy Wall St. Kol Nidre 2011 (photo by David A.M. Wilensky)

Some more of my new liturgy for the High Holidays. This one is an introduction to Kol Nidre:

Time now to summon the truth
that lies in the space between
our most exalted selves and
our darkest inclinations.

Time now to give each another permission
to open wide our hearts
and enter this most holy of holy places.
To bare our pain,
admit promises unkept, vows broken
and faith betrayed.

Within this sacred space in between
all are welcome:
the proud and the shamed,
those who fought their way
to the front of the line
and those left behind;
the joyful souls that sing out praises
and the wounded hearts that cry out
their pain.

Yes, you are welcome here.
In the space between the brightest day
and the darkest night
there is room
for all.

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