know with whom you stand

“Crowd at Coney Island” Weegee, 1940

you stand here this day all of
you before me your tribal heads
your elders your officials your wives your
husbands your children your friends
enemies jewish christian muslim hindu
buddhist taoist jain believers
doubters deniers blessed cursed
wounded wandering howling breaking
into song crying out in pain seeking
finding losing winning falling all
who know the struggle all who limp
their way into the water all of
you stand together on this day to
enter into a covenant
with the lord
your god

(Deuteronomy 29:9-14)

1 thought on “know with whom you stand

  1. Can’t imagine being in that crowd with no room to call your own. Thanks for your lesson tonight. It’s forcing me to consider who I need to improve my relations with/actions toward.

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