voices at sunset

as the sun was about to set god said
fear not abram i will protect
you and your reward shall be very
great i will return you to your
fathers in peace and you shall be
buried by your sons at
a ripe old age
the sun sank still lower and
abram heard a low voice whispering

know that your children will be
strangers in a strange land but
when their pain pierces the heavens
i will execute harsh judgement
upon their oppressors and
i will bring them to this land
and i will cleanse it of its inhabitants
to make way for you

and when the sun disappeared a great
black dread descended
upon on him like birds of
prey alighting upon a
freshly slaughtered

(Genesis 15:1, 11-20)

4 thoughts on “voices at sunset

  1. Oppression continues and it occurs each day for everyone who lives on this earth, and no act of god will ever change this. LIfe, each day, each moment is a struggle to become free– liberated in one sense or another. Some recognize a sense of liberation in achievement, others in feeling recognized or in owning a sense of self worth– or purpose. Some of us liberate one another, but sometimes never realize it to be the case– especially, perhaps, when we receive no visible, palpable message, gesture or sign. There is beauty all around me, the sky and how it change or a leaf on a step. I wish I could express this somehow, share it, give it away. But I can not. How can I find liberation among all these amazing gifts. Until the day that I day I will struggle to be free.

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