psalm 69: mad pursuit

it’s because of you, you know
this shame, this strange isolation of mine
it’s all because of you.

at times it feels as if
my zeal for you has been my downfall
i glimpse your face and turn to
pursue you with ever-increasing desperation,
only to look back and discover
i am completely and utterly alone.

so i’ve decided to end the chase and
send out this simple prayer instead:
don’t hide from me.
don’t let me sink down.
don’t let the floodwaters wash me away.

i have a suspicion these words will
succeed where i have failed.
while you duck and evade
my every move, i know
you secretly love these kinds of songs,
particularly when they come from the depths
of a crushed and broken spirit.

in the meantime i’ll just sit here
on the side of the road and
await your reply,
please don’t be insulted i just
need to rest from this mad pursuit,
you know i’ve just grown
so tired, i’m just
so very, very

8 thoughts on “psalm 69: mad pursuit

  1. Oh Rabbi! Your poems, these psalms, touch me so. From the ancient words, you craft a contemporary message straight to the heart. Thank you once again for doing and sharing this. I am grateful each time I read one.

  2. Remarkable, Rabbi Rosen, simply remarkable how you bring this to life in the present moment, where I can feel it deeply. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

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