psalm 74: monsters unvanquished

there are times when
i think the very beginning
must have been a labor of love,
every element rapturously built
upon the last, yet somehow
far beyond the sum of its parts,
a world created and re-created
in perfect equilibrium.

then there are times
when the universe seems
forever straining at the seams,
primordial waters leaking
through the cracks,
still you valiantly battle on,
trying your best to
drive back the forces of chaos.

so tell me, when i look
deep into your darkness,
what will i find?
will i be greeted by
the stillness of the night
that must surely follow day
or will i plunge into the mad raging
of sea monsters unvanquished?

2 thoughts on “psalm 74: monsters unvanquished

  1. we are greeted by both. there is no night without day; there is no tranquility without chaos; there is no good without evil.

    mark karlin

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