psalm 81: listen to the music


when will you realize
you have nothing to fear
from the foreign gods
that dwell among you?
when will you open wide and
let those strange sweet voices
wash away the dread
that has been hardening inside your heart
for far too long?

maybe your problem is that
you like the sound of my voice,
a bit too much,
fixating on my every word
so that you only hear
one melody line in this vast and
radiant chorus.

why not let go
of your phobic mind
and listen to the music,
truly listen,
for the very first time?

don’t be afraid,
once you hear this harmony
you’ll see how it soars
higher than any song
I could possibly sing
on my own.

4 thoughts on “psalm 81: listen to the music

  1. Dear Rabbi Brant, I have been sitting with this psalm for a couple of days now. I am captivated by your poem but I don’t quite understand how you arrived there from the original psalm. In the Catholic Latin American Bible, the footnote makes reference to Christ’s conversation with Nicodemus about the holy spirit, I see parallels between that passage and your poem yet I’m a bit at a loss about how either connects to the original psalm. Any hint would be a great treasure to me.
    Natalia S

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