psalm 84: dreams of homecoming

through lit windows i see them.
i can even experience
however vicariously,
their soft contentment as they move
back and forth
through the glowing warmth of their homes.

like sparrows burrowing their nests
they seem to find refuge in you
no matter how long the day or
dark the night.

turning my eyes back to the road
i look down into the valley
and realize for the first
that an early spring rain
has covered it with blessing.

i spend the night in an open field.
a canopy of stars spreads
over my head and
dreams of homecoming wash
through my soul.
in the morning i rise
and continue on with nothing
but my own yearning to guide my steps

soon enough i will come to know:
i am better off just one day
in this timeless moment
than an eternity anywhere else.

it is on this very threshold of return
that i have come home.

4 thoughts on “psalm 84: dreams of homecoming

  1. Reblogged this on What I write and commented:
    I see this beautiful poem as a universal response to homecoming, the memories and anticipation that it brings that, even from an afternoon away, touches me as the bus stops just up the block from where I live and I know that in a short while, I will see my wife’s face again and enter the sanctuary of our home.

  2. This is beautiful, a poem that fills me with warmth, the warmth of returning home when I am away from it for even an afternoon or morning and know that, in a few minutes, I will open the door and see my wife’s face again. Is there anything more precious than this kind of homecoming? Not that I know of. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us. It has warmed my heart and my day.

  3. Quite lovely. Surely a favorite of most of us, reminding me we all have a “yearning” – and how painful that must be for those whose home has been taken from them, for the millions of refugees in our world today. Some of the later verses, “… soon enough I will come to know: I am better off just one day in this timeless moment ….” suggest another kind of homecoming – within myself. Thanks, Brant

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