ever since his mother
died it always ended the
same way as the
the knife descended
the veil fell away
but he could never
identify his executioner
the moment the blade
pierced skin he would
wake up screaming
now here he sits in his
father’s field watching the sun
slowly bleed away
looking up he sees a
veiled figure standing
before him
she lifts her veil
and swaddles him
his pain now bound
up in the softness
of the spreading
night sky

(Genesis 24:62-67)

Ephron the Hittite Quotes a Price

abraham arises from beside his
dead now he’s striding into
the town square blinking
back his grief he’s squinting into the white hot
noonday sun i am but
but a resident alien among you
sell me a burial site that i may remove
my dead for burial ephron the hittite eyes the
frayed gash on abraham’s robe you
think four hundred shekels is
a bargain trust me my
friend you’ll never finish
paying for this
dirty stinking cave go
ahead and bury your dead when
abraham breathed his last his
his sons isaac and ishmael buried
him in the cave he had purchased then
god blessed his son isaac oh
believe me someday
this place is
going to cost us
all dearly

(Genesis 23:3-4, 14, 25:8-9)