creation undone

and god saw every color
of the spectrum splaying
out through the shattered
firmament shining like jewels
scattered across the
jagged shards of creation
god said now i know
the desire to destroy hovers
just behind the desire
to create
as these wounded heavens
are my witness i will never
again annihilate everything
i cannot shape and
mold and bend to my will
still i wonder
will humanity make
this covenant once the
waters recede
from the

(Genesis 9:12-17)

God Considers the Generation of Noah

the earth is filled with it
creation’s choking on it
gone horribly wrong the bloodshed so much
blood soaking the earth polluting
the earth cries out to me shrieking
just shrieking out to me i can’t stand it
any more i can’t think i can’t
hear myself think what was i
thinking what was i thinking
i am undone i
will undo tear down the
firmament open up the
floodgates let the waters
let chaos rain down
let the dark waters below
rise up let’s undo creation
wash the earth clean what have i
seemed like such a good
good idea at the

(Genesis 6:11-12, 7:11)