psalm 27: my light and my hope


you are my light and my hope
why should i fear?
you are my life and my strength
why do i tremble?

when i contemplate surrender
to my dread of the unknown,
i hold tight to you
and your strength gives me strength.

i only ask one thing of you,
just this one thing:
that i may be welcome in your house
all the days of my life,
to dwell in your innermost place
beneath the softness of your wings.

I seek your shelter
when i am wracked by hardship and disquiet;
from your deepest depths
I will sing hymns to the darkness
with openness and love

do you hear my song?
don’t you hear me when I cry to you?
do not turn away –
i seek you endlessly,
i turn constantly toward your light.

even in my darkest moments
of this i am sure:
I am never be alone,
yes, even if my father and mother
abandoned me, I know you are there
to gather me up

guide me in your ways,
lead me down the paths
of wholeness and peace,
remind me that no matter
how far i may stray
there is always a road
to return.

though i don’t always see it
i will ever trust in your goodness
right here, right now
in the land of the living.

hold on to your hope
and be strong –
the season of our return
is at hand.

4 thoughts on “psalm 27: my light and my hope

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  2. Just beautiful. I have been traveling in an old place, and visited the Ring of Brodgh excavated at Stromness on the Island of Orkney, a few hours north of Scotland by ferry. The island of Shetland is further still.

    Finding this translation poem is perfect. Just a beautiful praise poem. With shadow. Like a landscape.


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