psalm 40: my new song

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i’m working on a new song,
quite frankly i’ve had it
with the empty prayers
and false offerings, the
sycophantic hymns of praise,
the endless moans of
self-pity, the endless anthems
to victimhood.

my new song came to me
when i least expected it,
it started as a simple song,
just a quiet recounting with
nothing held back and
the more i sang the more
i recognized words still
gestating, patiently waiting
to be born out of my
most authentic self.

i know i’ve sung fancier
songs to you in the past,
but i’m thinking you’ll
like this one best.
it’s not my most eloquent,
but it is my truth and
haven’t you told me
repeatedly that’s all
you’ve ever really
asked of me?

1 thought on “psalm 40: my new song

  1. Truth is so much in this world. Regardless of whether it jives with someone else’s truth or not is besides the point. It your truth and the real you. It’s one of the things I value most.

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