psalm 76: your dark and vengeful ways

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did you know there are
those who simply live to tell
and retell of your pitiless anger,
did you ever stop to realize
just how many people sing gloriously
of your dark and vengeful ways?

how exactly do you want
to be remembered?
do you really want to be known as
the one who gleefully
vanquishes the enemy,
who lays nations to waste and
all but numbs the earth
with fear?

or would you rather i sing praises
to the moment i emerged blinking
in the light,
awestruck by the boundless power
that breathes right through me
then drifts impossibly on
into the hush of a
starless night?

3 thoughts on “psalm 76: your dark and vengeful ways

  1. Yours is a fine poem. In an indirect way, it reminds me of Elie Wiesel’s contention that if/when he reaches heaven, he will demand an answer justifying the Holocaust. But, the poem says it far more gently and hopefully. Now I will have to go back and reread Psalm 76.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Dick Stanton

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