psalm 77: leaky pipes

i know all about the deeds
they ascribe to you:
the way you split open the void
and drove chaos back into
deep darkness,
how you split the heavens wide open
to make room for the light.

and i’ve heard the stories:
how you convulsed the raging
waters, how you opened up the
narrowest of places, how you
uncovered a path
through which we might
be reborn anew.

i think of it all tonight
as i lie awake listening to
the incessant drip,
drip of the leaky pipes
and when i close my eyes
i see the waters
slowly rising
once more.

as i dream of chaos
spreading through the streets,
i can only pray
that when i wake,
the wind will have
already begun to
stir the waters

3 thoughts on “psalm 77: leaky pipes

  1. Just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you.

    Sarah Q. Malone, Convener, Interfaith Initiative Centre County

    (814) 883-5884

    The Mission of Interfaith Initiative Centre County is to foster compassion, charity and goodwill, and to build a healthy interfaith community by promoting respect, understanding, cooperation, and friendship among Centre County’s faith communities and their individual members.

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  2. Maybe you are also feeling a sense of dread concerning the shifts in extreme weather? It’s hard to know what to expect and how it is changing the world we know. The Jewish instinct is to flee the tyrant, but we have met the instigator and it is us (to paraphrase Pogo).

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