psalm 78: the jealous kind


i’ll tell you what i know
but i must warn you up front
it’s not exactly suitable
for children.

i’ve met this one you call god, the
seductive voice in the wilderness
that blows your mind with wonders,
feeding your every craving
with the promise of
glorious redemption.

it’s all fine of course until
your inevitable misstep, you know i’m
a merciful god but do you realize just
how many times i’ve forgiven
your inequity, how often i’ve
restrained my wrath, how close
i’ve come to unleashing this
pent-up fury upon you?

oh, i know this voice all too
well, the one that whispers i’m so
sorry but you knew i was
the jealous kind when
you signed on the line but
it’s ok now don’t cry, yes
you’ve taken your punishment
but now i’m taking you back
my one and only

3 Comments on “psalm 78: the jealous kind”

  1. G Nijim says:

    ​SO TOUCHING! Bless you, Rabbi, for reminding us of the essential.

  2. abunaalgodon says:

    So good to see you back at it, brother Brant. We need these.

    When I came across the word “inequity” I thought you misspelled and meant “iniquity”, but then realized both fit perfectly. So, so much that deserves that pent-up wrath you write of. And all that followed with the deepest desire to be taken back, again and again, as god’s “one and only love”.

    As always, thanks. Cotton

  3. A striking, clarifying portrait of what abusive relationships sound like: their allure and their danger. Partner violence on the theological scale. Scary & well done.

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