psalm 79: pour out your love

can you pour out your love
upon the ones you do not know,
the ones who mutter their strange
and fearful prayers, who
refuse to call upon god
by your comfortable, familiar names?

can you tear open your robe and
let your compassion bleed out,
swaddling and comforting
those you have been taught to fear
with an indignation that burns
like a devouring fire?

are you ready to mourn
the dead of another family
whose blood is your blood,
who looks like a stranger
but is in truth,
your own flesh and kin?

throw open the doors,
and if the holy temple is to be defiled
let it be defiled
with unconditional love and grace,
profaned with the unbearably gorgeous
symphony of kaddishes
known and unknown.

8 Comments on “psalm 79: pour out your love”

  1. Scott Sewell says:

    Interesting…thanks for posting

  2. gwpj says:

    A beautiful rendition of a beautiful psalm. Thank you so much for sharing its healing message.

  3. abunaalgodon says:

    Glad to see you back here, Brant. This one so very timely … “are you ready to mourn the dead of another family ….” Thanks.

  4. Yael Ridberg says:

    Thank you Brant. So heartfelt. Yael Ridberg (in Jerusalem).

  5. Beautiful. Thank you. I needed this, this week, so much.

  6. Mark Lee says:

    Reblogged this on Musings of a "not so good" Christian and commented:
    Another beautiful post by Rabbi Brant Rosen

  7. Barbara Engel says:

    Thank you Brant for your courage your conviction and your poetry. We need to internalize this message and allow its power to transform us.

  8. Harvey Gillman says:

    Extremely moving. I want to share this with many of my Quaker friends.

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