psalm 92: song after the revolution


tonight we raise the cup,
tomorrow we’ll breathe deeply
and dwell in a world
without borders, without limit
in space or in time,
a world beyond wealth or scarcity,
a world where there is nothing
for us to do but to be.

they said this day would never come,
yet here we are:
the surging waters have receded,
there is no oppressor, no oppressed,
no power but the one
coursing through every living
breathing satiated soul.

memories of past battles fading
like dry grass in the warm sun,
no more talk of enemies and strategies,
no more illusions, no more dreams, only
this eternal moment of victory
to celebrate and savor the world
as we always knew it could be.

see how the justice we planted in the deep
dark soil now soars impossibly skyward,
rising up like a palm tree,
like a cedar, flourishing forever
ever swaying, ever bending
but never breaking.

so tonight we raise the cup,
tomorrow we’ll breathe deeply
to savor a world recreated,
and when sun sets once again
we continue the struggle.


Shalom Aleichem: Peace Unto You, Sabbath Messengers

Sparks 1

The sun vanishes
into the dark calm of Shabbat,
now only vestigial blessings remain,
sparks of light
radiating through the sky’s expanse,
dancing like fireflies in
the summer twilight.

Now watch as these luminous messengers
alight on parched and tired soil.
See how the earth drinks in their light
like a wanderer who has discovered
a living spring
in the heart of
barren wilderness.

Soon they will arrive at your door.
Open wide you thirsting soul
and prepare to greet them.